You can’t stop life and spills happen.

You can’t stop life and spills happen. You can, however, let us show you the benefits of carpet protector. It’s an outstanding product that we recommend highly. Most new carpet has protector on it, but it tends to wear off because of foot traffic on the carpet. After your professional cleaning, be sure to ask us about carpet protector to keep your carpets beautiful longer.


Common Questions Q: I’ve heard it’s be

Common Questions

Q: I’ve heard it’s best to put off having your carpet cleaned as long as possible, is this true?

A: No. In fact, many of the major carpet mills today recommend professional cleaning at least once per year. The build up of soil in your carpet in combination with foot traffic creates abrasion that breaks down your carpet’s fibers. The higher the traffic in a given area, the more often the carpet will need cleaning.

Common Questions Q: Why is professional

Common Questions

Q: Why is professional cleaning important?

A: When vacuuming no longer removes all of the soil, or you have not been able to remove spots following the recommended carpet care and cleaning procedures, it’s time to have your carpet cleaned by a trained and qualified professional cleaner. At Kip’s we know the latest information on carpet construction, carpet care products, and safe, effective cleaning methods to help maintain carpet beauty. For this reason, we recommend, and most carpet manufacturers’ warranties require, periodic professional cleaning.